Hey there! I don’t know how you did it, but thank you for stumbling into my little space on the internet. I love you for being here today.

I’m Jonna Feliz (she/her)

I live in the Philippines. If you need to, please refer to me as Filipino. (If you call me Filipinx/pinxy, I will find you and give you my deadliest eye stare).

Wailing for 27 years

The name of my blog is a wordplay based on the Bible story, “Jonah and the Whale (or Big Fish).” When I was young, I’ve been teased about having a so-called boy’s name (despite the fact that my name is spelled differently!), and people have associated me with that Bible story. For years, others have been continuously spelling and pronouncing my name wrong. I’ve been called Jonah, Jona, Joan, Joanne, Joanna, Donna, etc., and it annoys me to death. Don’t get me wrong; these names are all beautiful, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. However, I would like to very much stress the fact that these names are not my name.

Books & Magic

I consider my wails mainly incoherent because they’re basically me choosing to let my ~feels~ out. So yeah, this public space allows me to freely present my private self to the world.

In this blog, you’ll find me wailing about books and magic, which consists of topics on the universe, astrology, and tarot (of course, these things aren’t actually magic! I simply like to call them that). I would still sometimes wail about other things as well.

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